Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Welcome & Thank you!

The Distracted Yogi Blog is Live & I'm so excited about it! My book will be on Kindle very soon plus I have several others in the works. 

I invite you to leave your comments & feedback once my book is live and available. 

I'm filling this beautiful space with pictures & stuff for you to get to know me better. It's my way of saying thank you for taking a chance on my book & also to give you some more quality information.

I hope you enjoyed The DYogi & look forwards to seeing you on my website,!

My new brand is all about Uplifting Woman & Girls by developing their confidence & self-belief through the use of power-tools. It's a novel concept I know but I can speak from experience-having been trained in their use has allowed me the freedom to take care myself & pass on this knowledge through instruction to others. 

Stay tuned....


  1. How cool is this! I love all the fractals in the background.

  2. Hey ,Dailah! Thanks for coming by I'm delighted that you left your words;)


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