Monday, 10 June 2013

It's HERE!! Wow! The Distracted Yogi has, at long last, gone Public!

I want to share the amazing news of my book becoming available on createspace in traditional, softcover format, NOW!!

The Kindle, iStore, Mobi, Kob & Smashwords versions will be coming online too over the next few days & weeks. Something there for everyone.

So please, take a moment & read the Introduction & Author Bio to give you a small peek into what to expect from The Distracted Yogi.

Thank you, in advance & also for all your past & present support of my work. It is driven by my unshakable belief that YOU are the reason that the words even materialized on the pages of this book. I was inspired first to tell my story but wrapped-up in that feeling, that miraculous state, was the deep desire to HELP OTHERS through my experience.

I dedicated this book to my MOM, but, it is a work derived from a deeper sense of purpose. That life-purpose has always been to write something that uplifts & honors YOU too.

In loving appreciation...


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