Monday, 17 June 2013

Take this chance...I know you Want to.

Book Update:
The Warm & Fuzzies have continued to percolate within even one week after the launch of The Distracted Yogi. I'm feeling satisfied but not satiated. I have much, much more to write & am so grateful to have the hunger to do so.
My first review is in, 5 Stars! Yay! I'm thrilled & yes, 5 *'s is great yet I'm mindful that not everyone will be as pleased so I must remember to allow for other opinions...

Somehow I will figure out how to post an actual picture of the book cover...the learning curves are endless.

What's Next for Me & for You? 
This experience; the process of constructing & organizing a book, writing it, editing & formatting the words, groping around in the dark after endless websites & links for even a scrape of useful info until eventually and actually publishing one's creation, well, it's a trip!!

I'd love for you to take a risk & join me on this vision quest of a kind. No, you won't need a backpack or a a water purifier or even bear spray but you will be required to show up for yourself in ways that may seem foreign to you. Is it's a tough road? Of course it is but it's also extremely fun, joyous, bliss-filled & Wow, when's that last time you could say that about anything?!
This creation of yours needs your energy & commitment to be realized and isn't that what you really want?!
We, aspiring & newbie writers need a ton of help to make publishing our works a reality. Staying open to the help of others & cultivating gratitude is essential to any good work.
My hope for you is that you take up the challenge, I know you really, really want to and, it's why you are even considering the possibility of putting your words 'out there' have already imagined it.

Post your questions & experiences here & together, we will find the's not string theory, well, actually maybe it is, after all our 'limitless potential' to be writers (or whatever else we can imagine) is the point to our existence-to create and in that act of creation-experience who we really are-LOVE.

If this all sounds just too fantastic to you then stick around because if you do-not only will you organize, write, publish & promote your self and your works but you will get to know your true self in the process.

I believe in Us. xo

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