Wednesday, 19 June 2013


Hey, this was totally new for me. I know I'd heard something vague mentioned re press-release but I'd quickly let that suggestion go-I had bigger issues to deal with like finishing the edits on TDY!
Inevitably this idea came around-again & again. The other day a good friend asked "have you done a press release?" Ah, no. How do I do that?
As is the reality of our lives these days I simply searched online & found many options and thus became quickly overwhelmed. Eventually I settled on the free service of Being a Canadian resident it just made sense to me to start where I live. There were paid services everywhere & many insinuating that if you pay less then $100 you are getting ripped-off. Hmmm, I ignored that sentiment. I don't actually know what I'm doing, yet, I feel guided so I'm going with my gut instincts & I recommend you do the same.
So I got a template & was able to view a few sample docs of PR's & within 15 minutes I had my document done. We are writers after all...this is the easy part.
I released it into the world to be reviewed by the wire service people & about half an hour later I got a reply from them (I've purposefully obscured the author's name). Read below...


Sorry for the delay in responding to your inquiry - your press material has been reviewed and published/distributed. You can view it online:

All material is held for review before publication/distribution.

As an aside I'm currently dealing with a TBI and the associated concussion related stuff myself. In a few weeks it will have been one year since my accident. I lost four months of work, my sense of smell is gone and I'm lucky to have a day or two a week headache free - so I took some extra time reading your press material. ;)

Thank you for your work in this area as it was something I never even considered till it happened to me. I'm lucky my family and friends are really supportive of the changes that I have encountered since my accident.

Best regards,

Wire Service Media
Canadian Media Distribution and Press Release Service

To recap: Follow your inner guidance. To do this you must get quiet & operate from there- not the antsy, excitable & stressed out parts of yourself because you won't be able to 'hear' your guidance from those states. Just listen & be patient. The answers are already on their way. Watch for their signs & do not dismiss anything as coincidence. Your life loves you;) 

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