Thursday, 27 June 2013


I'm off to visit a friend who lives half a Canadian province & 2 states away...Idaho! I've never been but I hear that I'm in for a treat-can't wait.
My dear friend is non-other than Stacy McCusker- the same Stacy who did the cover-art for The Distracted Yogi. You may not believe this but we've never actually met face to face & I can promise you that we are both really stoked to finally be meeting one another on this level.

...a bit of background on her incredible creation.

Stacy & I met during a contest called The 90 day Transformation Contest. The contest's creator, Craig Ballantyne could not have known the profound impact he was about to have on the 47,000+ participants who entered all hoping to transform one or more aspects of themselves and their lives. Craig's promise was to provide resources via both cash$ & mentoring opportunities. The contestants promise was to 'update' their progress daily to the rest of the 'contestant community' & use the community as a sounding board and support system of a kind.

Long story shortened....the TC, as we the contestants affectionately call it, became a life-line, an authentic connection point for thousands of people re-committing to the betterment of their lives & in many cases the lives of those around them. It was life-changing & life-altering for many, many was that profound!

Stacy & I connected there & soon found ourselves drawn to not only one another's journey but to a small group of others who seemed on similar paths...there were niche groups forming within the greater structure of the contest. We would notice that a person just seemed drawn to some other contestants more than others. It never felt to me like cliques which is why I used the word niche.

Over time Stacy expressed her self in poetry & artwork via Facebook where, if you'd optioned, your 'update' would appear on your facebook wall simultaneously as it did in the 'closed contest community.'

It is there where I first saw her amazing creations on canvas for the first time. Without speaking, only commenting, she created a cover-art for me based on my request for 3 specific colors...the cover-art that you see on the front of my book. It blew me away at first sight & I believe this beautiful image conveys exactly my internal temperature & state and consequently that of The Distracted Yogi...

Now You Know;)


  1. and get some of those famous potatoes!! lol Have a great time Shelley you deserve it! As for the book cover art, it is simply and beautifully apropos to your remark of "internal temperature"....yes I would say that it conveys that precisely!

    1. Cool Corinne! So awesome to see your beautiful face here;) Thank you! I'm going for the french fries...don't tell anybody tho. xo


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