Monday, 8 July 2013

Why Distracted? This I am often asked...

First tho, I had an amazing trip to Idaho where I was surrounded by nature, good vibes & beautiful children! There was hot tub time & tea parties too. Nail painting & herb gathering but lastly but not least some awesome Chinese food! Good times all around;)

Now back to the question of being Distracted....

My book's message could be encapsulated this way: Trauma-to-Drama-to-Transformation.

Before an cycling accident in 2002 I would have Never considered myself this way-as Distracted. Rather I would described myself as Aware, Bright, Calm & Serene, Focused, Energetic & Fun. Obviously I left out the less flattering adjectives so let's just all agree that they are there & move on!

Meditation was a huge part of my life back then, before the accident. Probably I wouldn't have coped with life's trauma's & drama's nearly as well if it were not for the practices of yoga, mindfulness & meditation.

After 2002 that all changed the moment my head struck the windshield of a car that ran a stop sign...

That was to be the first trauma in a string of trauma's, loosing my ability to meditate or focus. Once you have 'acquired' a brain-injury the traumas just keep coming until eventually morphing into drama after drama of seemingly unexplained happenings & events, all conspiring to dislodge one's self from their relative sanity.

Your trauma may not be from a brain injury or even a car accident. It could be emotional or mental but  whatever the 'cause,' the effect is similar-drama soon follows trauma.

but okay, back to the question of Distraction...(you see how this works?!)

Distraction comes with the territory of trauma, it's a cousin of sorts, always present & undermining any attempts of 'getting through' or 'getting past' because it simply sabotages one's efforts to transcend the event of the trauma.

What to do about it?

Not until I stumbled upon the technologies of Binureal Beats/Brain Entrainment did I actually have a breakthrough from all the relentless distraction & mind-chatter.

If I can impress any idea upon you it would be this one-try it!! It works!

I personally use Holosync by Centerpoint & Om Harmonics by Mindvalley. Also, I listen to a number of other funky sounds all day such as;

Isochronic tones-
528 Hz DNA Frequency-
Tom Kenyon-Calling of the Angels-

Check these out too just to keep the vibes in your space rich with the sounds of the earth.

Please tell me what you think & share some of your own thoughts around dealing with Distraction etc.

Remember, Awesomeness is all around Us;)


  1. Oh, wow, omg, THAT's what it is. Big sigh of relief and another start. Thank you!

  2. Excellent! I'm so glad it resonated with you;)


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