Thursday, 18 July 2013

Book Review-Media Wire Service

Sometimes gifts can come to you from seemingly unlikely sources.

A short time ago I used the Media Wire Service to post a press release. Perhaps you might remember that the owner of this service replied with an amazing message to me. He mentioned that he too suffered a brain injury & took extra time in proofing my release prior to sending it out into the ether-world.

Now this same service has branched-out into book reviews & chose my book to be the first one to launch this new service offering!

I'm thrilled, naturally, but this also serves to remind me that brain injury & concussion touches so many people. The Walking Wounded are everywhere.

Please check out the review at the link below.


  1. Yes we are (everywhere). I see that he was touched just like I was as I read your accounts. How wonderful. I hope you are basking in the glow of all the people who are connecting to themselves, each other and yourself via your written words... all the people who are receiving validation, understanding, the fact that they have, in their hands, something you created that they can hand to a significant other to say, "Here...this will help."

  2. Wow Dailah, where to begin?!

    You have expressed so perfectly, & in so few words, Exactly how I'm experiencing this reality...the one where so many others get it & get me. They, without even knowing it perhaps, have given me the exact same gift that I was striving to give to them, to you & to myself...the gift of freedom from self-judgement.

    & Yes! I am basking in the glow but not as a single soul, rather, as one of a collective of Wounded Soldiers;)


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