Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Overcoming My Fear of FEAR!

It's true, I'm afraid of Public Speaking.

I'm actively putting myself out of my comfort zone everyday in an attempt to derail this dreaded state-of-mind. We're told  by the experts that fear it really is just a state of mind but perhaps it's much more...

Lately I've been intro'd to the world of Past Life Regression. This used to be a subject that I could barely stay awake for but now, well, somethings changed. I've recently met many people, I'd add that they are relatively sane types (at least I'm counting on it!) that have changed my mind about this 'out there' topic.

It is a funny coincidence that although I believe in reincarnation I never thought of it as a physical phenomenon. I mean, how is that even possible?! I honestly don't know how or why I have this crazy philosophy but I do. I can probably chalk that one up to Brain Injury (the list is growing!).

Naturally I needed to see for myself what the big deal was so I opened myself up to the possibilities & then it just happened. During my first guided hypnosis session I suddenly just dropped into another life in another time. I was a Samurai.
I looked at my hands & body then I saw 'my' was astounding & I just knew it was me. This man, who was me, was terrified and frozen on the spot and shook visibly. What I saw in my face as that Samurai was the same terror which floods my mind & body whenever I'm confronted with the possibility, no matter how remote, that I may be called upon to speak in public.

Was this the moment of conception? Had I just regressed to the very moment in time when my energetic-life gave birth to my most dreaded fear?

I don't know, perhaps yes, perhaps not. What I do know is that this experience changed me. I've since regressed many more times & embodied many more 'selves' each one leaving me with the indelible feeling of familiarity, of family.
I ponder their meanings and messages for days and weeks but mostly I feel connected to something so vast that it defies description, or at least by my limited vernacular.

What I got as a net result of all this soul-excavation was quite unexpected-Serenity & Joy.

Hmm, you just never know where the gifts are going to come from anymore, especially when you don't put limitations on their source or definition.

OK, I'm still afraid of Public Speaking but-much less so. Now I'd say that's a victory of a kind right there;)

Be Yourself-That's Awesome Enough!


  1. Ah.....but which one?

    Very interesting post. One of my problems with past life recalls is that everyone seems to have been some sort of hero, (except for me, that is) You have just restored my faith in humanity.

  2. Exactly Dailah! Glad I could help;)

    I was not a revered Samurai, in fact I fled the scene out of terror & was later hanged for it. I was publicly shamed for bringing humiliation to the rest of my village & tribe.
    Come to think of it, this is a recurring theme in my present life-incarnation...shame to my tribe. Hmm.


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