Friday, 23 August 2013

Do you Really Want to Get Better? Good Question!

Not to put anybody off, well okay, it may happen & yes you may be miffed by my intro but I got your attention and that is not a easy thing to do these days.

Most people are distracted & side-tracked & unbelievable busy-way too busy!  It doesn't require a brain-injury to be distracted or a massive trauma to be overwhelmed, no, sometimes it's the everyday things, the little meaningless stuff, that, over time, have successfully conspired to steal your life away from you.

What's my point?!

It's this: We all want to have a better life, more (insert the thing(s) here) plus we're already so deep into the living of our current life that we don't have any more time/energy to donate to getting more of what we really want, whatever that may be. So, what to do about it?

Maybe you still don't get my meaning, I asked you 'Do You Really Want To Get Better?" & now you might be  thinking "There's nothing wrong with me, per se, except maybe that I'm not getting what I really want out of my life" 

I've been there & perhaps I'll be there again, I really don't know for sure but what I'm absolutely certain of is this: Only I can make the decision to live differently, not you not anyone else, just me & only me

I know, that sucks cuz you were hoping for a instant cure for your dilemma & actually that's it, that's as instant as you can possibly get. Make a decision to change what you don't like about your life & start with your perception of it because this is where you are probably most troubled & where your life is likely off the rails. 
Question everything you think about yourself, your life, the people, places & things around you-you must begin to see that it's your ideas & the ideas of others especially the ones you covet the most, which have created your current life-story. Maybe you are living in a comic-tragedy? Perhaps a morose & depressive sad story? Or, a ho-hum & boring nothing-really-changes existence? Or, none of the above. Whatever your life-story-line might be it's yours & you invented it so the really awesome news is that You can re-invent & change any detail you don't like. 

Oh c'mon! You might be saying. 
Fair enough, here's how...

1) Your reality is of your choosing so choose a different story, preferably one that is happier than the current theme. What's it going to hurt especially since you're already in pain?!

 i.e. You are disabled & you can't get out as often as you want/like OR Your job sucks & can't do the work  you really want OR Your friends are never there for you or you have no friends at all OR You are stuck with (or abused by) a mate/partner that you know you should leave OR You are broke all the time & are convinced you are jinxed with bad luck OR You are a supreme victim & people are always taking advantage of you & finally, The government is corrupt & elites run the world anyway (which is true!) so what's the point!! 

If you found your story within the above discourse on discourse then great ! If you didn't then you are not using your imagination which, is also another a big problem with most people these days. 

Contained within the body of your Life-Story is the real issue; Your description of your life is the problem & not the other way around. Hold on! Yes it's true that you are being abused & Yes it true that bad things are happening to you BUT, why haven't you changed your life-situation yet despite all the pain & all the suffering?! 
Answer: We are addicted to it. We need/create the drama to justify our belief system otherwise who would we be if not for the Victim identity?! 


I've transformed myself & my story from a Victim, living a tragic-comedy with no friends, disabled & unable to work, perceiving my partner to be a mental-case & being deep in debt (ok, not quite fully-evolved there Yet!) plus feeling completely unloved, unwanted used & abused. 

My new story took time & determination to really develop into what it is today. The point being that it all started when I made the decision to change my opinion of my life-situation. One by one my perceptions of all the  injustices, which were operating in my life at the time, immediately begun to drop away. 
With every change in perception came a freedom of being. I suddenly had more energy. I cursed less & inexplicably begun to hear the sounds of nature again. It was as if I'd been completely closed off, living in a bubble of discontentment. 

Stay turned for more...& please leave me your comments.

Your real life is waiting for you. It's time to catch up to the magnificence that is You;) 
Michelle xo


  1. Oh, how true, how true. So often, we'd rather live with a known devil than possibly face an unknown one. We may be miserable as hell, but we know we can (probably) survive our current experience and that's our main goal....survival. There's that part of us whose job, above all else, is to keep us alive, so we stay in our prison(s) because who knows what swims out there in the dark. It takes great courage to open that door and go 'outside'
    I love your caveat. Thank you for including it. Most people don't, and thank you for sharing how you did it. Perception is HUGE. Are there sharks out there or is it helpful Presences instead,? for example. As you said, "with every change in perception came a freedom of being". How wonderful!

  2. Wow, thank you so much for your well thought through & genuine comments. I'm always holding my breath just a little when I release my words out to the ether never knows how they will be received & perceived yet I'm compelled to release them anyway.

    Thank you Dailah! You've added something to this conversation that was missing & is so basic to our lives; the fact that we are simply trying to survive our experiences, especially the harshest of them. That drive, to survive, can look so ugly, so desperate yet it gets the 'job' done & at times, my life has looked & felt that bleak.

  3. Jim Rohn said that every change starts with a change in your personal philosophy and he said it from experience.
    I would like to add, that it hasn't to be a grand, dramatic decision on your part. It's enough to start doing something new, but consistently. Anything, tiny thing like walking around the block every day. One change leads to another and you'll find yourself in a totally different place (and philosophy). You can't reach your destination immediately, but you can change the direction in one moment (another Jim's thought).

  4. Exactly Michal! Thank you for adding that vital piece to the story especially since it's really how most of us embark on the journey of Personal Transformation-One Step, thoought, gesture, idea and/or action at a time!


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