Saturday, 24 August 2013

Wow, 2 posts in Two days!! What's happening?!

I know, I know!

I wanted to share my first newspaper interview with you. It's a short  & concise but what really impressed me was that it was nearly 100% accurate! I've come to see that this is not the norm in our society.

Not only are 'facts' mis-communicated through the media but they can be downright wrong! One never really knows what will come of the telling of 'one's facts' when imparted onto another.

Read it here:

The process of giving an interview was surprisingly simple & organic. Remember, once you get your book out there you will want to promote it otherwise how else can you get your unique message to those who you hoped would absorb it?
& btw, promoting your book actually begins before it's published, something that most authors are reticent to do but the marketing/pre-publishing process is essential to the life of your work.

I'm mentioning it here because I want to share my process with you-from start to end. How I prepared myself & became sufficiently organised enough  to not only write my book but also seek out those for the editing, cover design  & digital formatting all required steps prior to publishing any book in ebook & softcover formats.

Stay tuned for part one:  First things first-How to organize Yourself & Your thoughts  in preparation for book writing.

I sincerely hope to demystify the entire process so that you can do it too.Please join me on the journey, won't you?

Michelle xo

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