Monday, 20 January 2014

Thank you, Sincerely;)

I can at last take a breather from the relentlessness of self-promotion...& I really, really need it!
The internet is necessary & to deny this is to be afraid of this new realm we call the digital world. It's here to stay, get used to it!

Why the rant?

Well I've met many people of late who are mystified by the amount of time some people spend-online. 

These past 2 months have been hectic for lots of reasons one of them being the three major book promotions I did. There were 2 FREE Downloads weekends & 1 giveaway contest all requiring Huge amounts of time online. 

My daily routine is one spent constantly updating facebook pages, blogging, reviewing new books, checking emails & other promising promotions, webinars about spirituality/eBook creation/marketing strategies then there's the 'personal' just goes on & on adding up to hours & hours of sitting!

But that all changes today because I've recommitted to my health & since I've just been informed that 'Sitting is the New Cancer' I'm extra motivated to live differently.

I started last week when I picked up my former habit of hiking. It was amazing! 

The creativity begun to flow, slowly at first, then like river about to overflow it's banks, OMG I've missed The Great Outdoors & the pain, YES THE PAIN, of growth beyond my limited rituals & routine. Even while my legs & hips were screaming Enough! The Bliss of it all was the loudest, clearest voice in my head...I simply felt incredibly grateful & incredibly alive. I'm hooked, again! 

If you're still reading then You need to take more regular breaks, better still, Incorporate them into every day. You need them, your body needs them & your creative self craves them, Do It! Don't wait! Do It Now! 

Your Life Loves You (even if you don't love it back;) 

Michelle xo

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