Wednesday, 15 January 2014

FREE eBook Promotion Starts in 2 DAYS!

Yeah, you heard right!!

Starting Friday @ midnight until Sunday Midnight, Jan 18 & 19 my eBook will be available for FREE. 

Come back here JAN 18 & 19 & Click the link below & get your FREE copy:

I'm busy posting this info EVERYWHERE! Please re-post this to your friends/facebook ect especially if you know of anyone who might benefit from my story. 

I really, really wanted to do another book giveaway but I've run outta books! The printer is bust printing up some more for me so as soon as I get them I'm giving 'em away!

So, until then-

You can visit my twitter account & Re-Tweet my Free eBook Tweets!

In The Mean Time, What can I do for you? 

  • I can review your eBook & post it on (just leave a link to your FREE eBook in the comments below, No Erotica thanks;)
  • Retweet your tweets about your eBook Launches/Promotions etc
  • 'Like' your Facebook page
  • Offer you a Guest Post here @ The Distracted Yogi
  • All for Free-Naturally;) 

"Nothing important in life is truly ever achieved without the love & support of others." The Distracted Yogi

Michelle xo


  1. Sorry I missed it, my time on the Net is very limited on weekends.
    How were the results?

    1. Hey Michal, you are a very busy & productive Guy & thank you for asking!
      The downloads were fantastic & each promo teaches more & more about the subtleties of internet marketing. Always something more to learn because this medium is not static, as you know!
      The downloads were 1700+ & my blog pageviews were around 100. This means it was a huge success for a Memoir which is not in the category of a typical 30-75 page eBook yet I'm in direct competition with this genre because my book is Non-Fiction.
      It's challenging to get good works out that are not in the genre of How To & Diet/Cookbooks but I'm very pleased to know that at least several hundred (perhaps thousands including the figures from last months promo) people will be reading my words & hopefully it will have direct impact on their peace of mind & quality of life...because for me, that's the whole point;)


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