Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Time To Wake Up!

This past weekend saw me travelling to Victoria, BC Canada for two day retreat. The nature of this retreat and it's facilitator were completely unknown to me however, this did not trouble me at all....I simply Knew I must go anyway!

Have you ever experienced anything like that? You feel guided, actually instructed, to do something the moment you hear about it or read about it. In fact You feel COMPELLED to do it. 
This retreat was one of those things that I did because I felt that unmistakable sense of Knowing inside; that I must go or do this thing no matter what, also that it was of critical importance that I follow through! 

The title of the retreat was called 'Divinicus; Rise of the Divine Human', now to be completely honest I didn't know what to think of it yet once I'd read the back-story it no longer mattered. The title could have been Anything and I would have gone! But Why? 

My book is called The Distracted Yogi for a really good reason-My life post brain-injury has been mostly about my attempts at reclaiming the ability to live-in-the-moment. This is something which had eluded me for years post-injury I just could not get beyond all the distractions & recapture the present moment. 
The irony is though that nowadays EVERYONE Is Distracted not just the brain injured or anyone else that might be prone to distraction but rather it's become somewhat of a normal human condition-To Be Distracted! 

So, I'm curious, do you ever ask yourself-What The Bleep is going on with that?! 

Ok, see what I mean? I got distracted just then...

Anyway, my question is: 


Why are we all so Distracted? 

From what are we Distracting ourselves? 


Are we being deliberately led away from ourselves into something less authentic, perhaps even non-Human? 

And if so, Why & by Whom/What?

You see I needed some answers & 'Divinicus' delivered! 

If you want to know more then look here: 

Then, ask yourself these questions because you may not get this right now BUT- YOU REALLY NEED TO KNOW THE ANSWERS! & Please, keep looking because no one else can do this work for you! 

It's Time to Wake-up.

Michelle xo


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  2. Thank you! Your visit & comments are always appreciated. xo


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