Thursday, 1 January 2015

Sensory Deprivation Tanks...Maybe a little Too Weird to talk about?!!

It's a NEW Year,  how are you going to make this year more about the life you really want, the one that's literally waiting for you to embrace? 

The SDT experience might be one of those small things we can all do for ourselves on the journey to reclaim our SELF. 

I've been visiting a local Sensory Deprivation Tank-sort-of-place these past few months & what I've discovered is interesting, shocking & well, just plain weird! 

Are you thinking what I'm thinking? William Hurt circa 1980 & Altered States?  

Ok so maybe I didn't take any Mind-Altering drugs before setting off on this adventure BUT I hear that some people might imbibe a certain herb prior to slipping into one of those tanks filled with a warm (Body-Temp) salty-slippery water solution...

What is a SDT & why would anyone even consider the time & energy it takes to go there, undress (yup ur naked), shower with special soaps and shampoos, slide into the beautifully infused salty brine-like substance that encases your body like a latex glove all heated to a glorious 97F?! Exactly! Sounds amazing does it not?

The SDT experience is much, much more than just a hottub experience. Although, the place I visited, Floatspace, located in Kelown BC Canada has a spectacular tank called 'The Cabin' which is a modified hottub for those of us prone to claustrophobic outbursts. For everyone else there is the Samadi Tanks 1& 2. I took the plunge literally on my last visit & opted for the Samadi 1 Tank...these tanks look like the iconic tanks of Altered States fame, very cool!

After the usual routine of undress, shower then slip-slidding into the tank it can take sometime, 20-30 minutes of ruminating, mind-games ect ect to settle into what is the utter blissfulness of the environment. Warm, dark (pitch-black actually if you don't opt to keep the salt lamp on), quiet, still, peacefull & well, just a little other worldly-weird! Eventually I forget where I am and might even lose the awareness of my body. Though these days I'm trying to maintain my mind-body connection so my main focus is staying in my body for the full 90 minute 'Float'. If that sounds like a long time to be in what amounts to a cave then yes it could be a put-off to some but the reality is: You become completely immersed in the experience of deprivation, which is to say-AWARE, FOCUSSED & IN THE NOW.

I'm hooked! I'm about to book my fifth excursion to the Tanks.

Briefly, this is what I've discovered while floating:

Interesting: That the various stages/dimensions of awareness one can experience is actually limitless. 

Shocking: How busy my mind really is & how disconnected my body-mind awareness can be...

Weird: The salty-slime experience, very strange, but in a good way;-)

Fig 1, Samadi TANK:

Fig 2, The Cabin:

Michelle xo

Floatspace Sensory Deprivation Tanks in Kelowna BC, CANADA., check it out. 

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