Saturday, 21 December 2013

FREE Download Dec 22-24!! The day has arrived.!!

Please Help Yourself to My Book, I mean it!!

You've Got 3 Days to Get your Free Copy Here:

& Please, Do Share The link with Anyone & Everyone you can think of...this book & it's message does no-one any benefit if it's not getting read.

After nearly 6 months of promoting, halfheartedly at the best of the time, I'm really throwing myself into this process now.

*ALSO, I'm Giving Away 5 Signed Copies: Click the link below Before Midnight Dec 24th!!
(Just Clear My Name & enter Your Own)


*After that, sometime in January, there will be a .99-19.97 price promo so if you miss out on the 'free' period then you can still buy it for a little as .99 cents.

If you haven't purchased my book already then Please download it for free & share it;)

Why Now?

Well, I'm feeling the urge to get on with my next two projects so The Distracted Yogi is my springboard. It's like the calling card of Me. If people like it, and so far they do, then I'm much more motivated to keep on contributing to the greater good. Up till now My dilemma has been whether or not my words & works are really useful & make a difference to others. I've come to the conclusion that the answers are Yes & Yes...
so, I'm putting it out there on as big of a scale as I can. It's been just another learning curve...I'll tell you about it one day!

In the meantime, get a copy, read it, share it or give it away...just get to it! 

Oh & if you are inclined to, Please Leave A Review on Amazon...cuz Everybody Wants to Know What You Think...Especially Me;)

In Gratitude, Michelle xo

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