Monday, 9 December 2013

Free eBook coming soon...yes, you read it right!

Self-promotion is an art form & for some people, like me, it's a mysterious thing. Once I'd finished my first book I didn't grasp the reality that it was going to then take tons more energy for me to Promote my work!

(Self-Promotion is an inescapable reality if one wishes to get their message out-regardless of the usefulness of the message).  

To be completely honest tho I have discovered that it is much easier to give away my book then to sell it.

What I've come to understand about myself in this process is that I feel better emotionally when I just give it away to anyone who expresses interest in it. It's been a huge lesson for me, to discover that I'm not a natural self-promoter or that I'm actually uncomfortable receiving money for my works. This came as a huge shock to me! 

All that charity has let me to the inescapable reality that the main purpose for writing TDY remains the same today as it did a year ago or 10 years help others through their own trauma processes. 

I get it now. I've been thinking about this thing from a backwards perspective & have consequently felt paralyzed by a deep internal conflict: that I abhor the idea of accepting money for good-works.

This belief/fear has prevented me from really launching both myself & my works...but that's all about to change! 

*Free eBook Promotion Dec 22-24*
 with as many people/social groups you can think of! I'll be posting the link soon. 

A sincere Thank you to those who have already bought TDY & also left a review at 

It's taken me a while but I've at last come to the sobering conclusion that good-works do no one any good if they simply sit on the shelf gathering if it's only cyber-dust;) 

Michelle xo


  1. The best about the free Amazon promo is that it actually boost your sales afterwards.

    1. Hey Michal, thank you for all the great info! You are one of those beautiful ones who likes to share their successes. I sure appreciate it;)


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