Tuesday, 24 December 2013

THANK YOU!! The Giveaway Contest has closed....WOW!

OOPS to those who thought you had one more day to enter;( I goofed on the dates...more promos in January FREE STUFF!

The Winners, Four from the USA & One from India, will receive their free signed copy of The Distracted Yogi: How I Reclaimed My BLISS After Brain Injury & Trauma,  in about 2-6 weeks, depending on their location. (btw That was FUN!!)

Oh yeah, today us the last day to Download my book for least until  next time;) 
Click this Link:

I'm new to the intricacies of Self-Promotion & I'm going Solo relying instead on the Culture of Sharing that the Internet has become so famous for.

What does that mean exactly?!

Well, it means that I've got great Cyber-Friends who have become great Cyber-Contacts.

The process of Self-Promotion has become one of discovering that it's mostly the People I Already Know who have provided me with the way through, the short-cuts, the details & the courage to believe I Can  Really Do It.

How appropriate then that on Christmas Eve (Christmas Day in some parts!) that I'm posting about Gratitude cuz that's what I'm feeling today. I'm a self-taught kind of person, maybe you are too, I mean anyone who embarks on the book-writing, self-publishing trip has to be self-motivated because it's a minefield! The hits to the self-esteem come daily, without impunity...not for the fraidy-cats among us! Although I must admit I thought about changing camps a few times in the process;)

If Christmas is Not your thing then I'll call it Gratitude Day on Your Behalf...

THANK YOU to Everyone that has: Downloaded The Distracted Yogi, left a review, given me advice (good or not!), consoled me, taken my advice (good or not!) or just in general been a friend;)


Michelle. xo

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