Sunday, 29 December 2013

Get Ready for Another FREE eBook Promo!

I think I know what I'm doing!! 

January 18 & 19 is the next FREE eBook promotion scheduled for The Distracted Yogi. Comeback here & click the link below for a FREE Copy:

I had a blast with the first go-around plus the free book giveaway really exceeded my expectations, for example: 

The Free Book Download event of Dec 22-24 yielded 720 FREE DOWNLOADS

& The Free Signed Copy Giveaway attracted 320 entries! (Watch for another one of these great promos soon!).

It was hugely satisfying for me to mail off those copies, to the 5 lucky winners, on Christmas Eve no less. The lucky entrants were mainly from the USA: Maine, New Jersey, Oregon & Louisiana & one coming all the from India! Thank you again for entering!

The good vibes that have been circulating around me ever since the free promos started have been fantastic...I only wish I would have done this sooner. If you are a new author & are considering a freebie event-DO IT! The feedback is priceless & cannot be overstated. Use any & all Free Kindle Alert services that are out there. There are so many great sites who exist to help you promote your works.

& for Everyone who Loves a Good Book Deal (Like FREE!) then enjoy the links below: (top 100 FREE) (Huge Selection!) (Quality eBooks) (More FREE Books)

Michele xo

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